Must watch documentaries

We live in one of the most exciting eras. Any learning has been massively amplified, and

there is a lot of innovation and creativity. Right now, technology is available to ensure that

we can make education accessible to all across the world. The internet became the

environment where you can buy homework online or receive the degree, look for test answers

or find the information you’ll receive the Nobel for. Many digital education tools are adaptive

and personalized to how one works and learns.  

Despite all these fantastic things, there needs to be a focus on lifelong creativity and learning.

Students need to become lifelong learners. We live in a fast-paced economy, and you need to

adapt by learning and acquiring new knowledge and skills. 

Some of the documentaries that one can watch to give you a glimpse of the future include:

Networked society: a lot of future learning

We can innovate, interact and share using some fantastic new ways because of technology.

These, however, come with a change in mindset. This change has a tremendous difference on

society. The documentary explores some ways in which we may become part and parcel of

the ongoing transformation. There needs to be the personalization of the ways we learn. We

should also place less concentration towards rote memorization and become more interested

in holistic styles that help innovation and learning. 

Collaboration: On the edge of the new paradigm 

They made this documentary out of a given experiment taken in collaboration by Alfred

Birkegaard from Denmark for his Ph.D. in Philosophy. Alfred travels the USA to Silicon

Valley for an interview with some pioneers in the frontline of engineering the digital future of

collaboration and communication. 

The documentary tells ways the internet helps push the boundaries for research, knowledge

creation, and collaboration. It is a progressive paradigm shift, in which working and learning

is a process of more cooperation. 


There is a lot of creativity and talent that the revolution in the digital world has unveiled. It

has happened in such an unparalleled way. It has created limitless opportunities for those

ready to convince others of their talent values and master a number of digital media arts. 

The documentary looks at a democratized culture with creativity and ways of reforming the

culture and arts. In this film, some very influential creators are interviewed. 

Us Now: The Social Media & Mass Collaboration 

Open-source and Crowdsourcing collaboration are some of the new technologies that give us

the supremacy to be part of a more extensive process of government decision-making. These

technologies will drastically alter the shape of society and the government. 

The documentary talks about the power of the government, mass collaboration, and the

internet. It gives a captivating look to ways in which inefficient and corrupt bureaucracies are

to be downsized dramatically and power returning to citizens/people. 

On the brink of networked society 

Our society is being transformed by communicating through the Internet of Things (IoT) and

networks that are internet-based. We need to comprehend how businesses, education are

being shaped by these changes. It gives you a hint of the future.

The documentary is a section of a series on a networked society. It interviews leaders thought

to be creative. They discuss ideas like developing creativity, borderless opportunities, and

having new open models of business.