Lego Display Cases: Fantastic and Affordable Ideas

There comes a time in the life of every Lego collector when he comes face to face with a difficult decision: you bought a kit, you set a time and you just LOVE what you built; The big question is, how do I properly reflect my collection?

There are many options out there depending on what you want to get. Usually the go-to display unit for Lego taxpayers is an acrylic display case. You know the type – small clear boxes that hold dust – a good economic option that can sit on the table and protect your showpiece.

But what if you want to take it to the next level? What if you want your Lego mode to be a stop-show, front and center, then in your living room, man cave or she den?

That’s where Showfront comes in

We give collectors who are very proud of the Lego show and who really want to show off their beautiful collection. Check out more post blogs for the Lego Star Wars Display Case, Lego Display Case with Lights or supersized collections, you can also read more about repairing the Great Lego Display Case.

We have been designing coffin displays here in Australia for over 30 years and have built individual display cabinets in a collection you can imagine, from Lego to Star Wars, hero sculptures, statues, swords, souvenirs of games and more – each tailored to the exact cut and the complete happiness of their owner. !

What Lego Collectors really want

Although the collection of Lego is different, there is a similar thread in what Lego taxpayers really want; excellent lighting, flexible and secure shelves, and locking doors are in high demand. Color is also important – many of our Lego taxpayers like our black or white cabinets (silver color is also popular but very common with retailers).

Tax collectors also want to be nice; a display cabinet that looks fun and stands the test of time. If you are going to put in countless hours and hundreds (or thousands!) Of dollars in the Lego mode, you need to display it in the appropriate cabinet. The following 4 display cabinet inspection displays for your Lego collection.

Table Display Case with LED Lights

This little beauty is now selling like hot cakes! The large, 900 x 900mm square is the perfect coffee table shape while the LED strip lights illuminate the display perfectly. This cabinet can be used for any Lego show but has become popular with Lego Star Wars taxpayers who want to install the Lego Millennium Falcon.

Tower Display Cabinet has LED Spotlights

This beautiful, slimline 450mm x 450m Tower is the perfect lego display case Cabinet for collectors who want to show off many small pieces in a cool environment. Awesome, decorated and compatible with 5 x LED lights, the TGL 450 is designed to keep customers looking to save on price without sacrificing quality. It comes fully integrated with four adjustable glass shelves, security glass and lock doors.

Display Cabinet with leds

This is a big brother to our TGL 450. All fun, weatherproof and illuminated with 5 x cool LED spotlights, our TGL 600 gives you extra space to handle large collections or pieces. This is only designed for the living room, husbands cave or den den.

TGL 1000 Glass Display Cabinet

The TGL 1000 Lego display cabinet is a living room master piece and a very popular choice for Lego collectors with large collections. This full glass cabinet puts your collection in the middle and will make you explode with Lego pride! The package is fully stocked with 4 x eco-friendly LED malights, 3 x adjustable glass shelves, travel cassettes and foot stops.

The entire Showfront cabinet can be customized to your specific setting, be it shape, color, shelf, lamp or frame. Attendees are also fully gathered for the delivery. Thats right, no fuss with the mascurus and the instructions, just put it in and your closet is ready to show off your collection of Lego right then and there. Isn’t that a great idea? Call us today and inquire about Lego Display cabinets for your collection.