Here Is How You Can Negotiate a Better Cable Package  

It is time for you to switch to a better cable TV package. How do we know this? Well, you are not alone in this boat. Many people are trying to figure out their entertainment needs. After changes in our lives enforced by Covid-19, our home entertainment needs have surged. 

With specialty services like Hulu, Netflix, and Prime Video, many people are not considering cable TV services as their source of entertainment. Even if so, you have to find a good internet service provider that brings a high-speed and stable internet connection to the table. Struggling with a slow internet connection is not a very Netflix and chill kind of situation for you. 

If you are confused between becoming another member of the cord-cutting culture or sticking with cable TV service for your home, you have come to the right place.

At first, it might sound fantastic to ditch cable TV services, but it is not a smart move. With remote work still rising and people preferring to continue spending more time indoors, relying on internet-only services is not a good idea. Imagine yourself waiting for your favorite TV show to start with a bowl of hot pasta in your hand, and the stream keeps buffering. 

The best thing you can do to your home is to have a bundles service that gives you the best of both worlds – high-speed internet and cable TV service. However, if you want to stick to cable TV entertainment, you might need to think deeper about choosing the right package. 

Most people are unaware of the hidden benefits of upgrading your cable TV packages. If you are also not knowledgeable about choosing a cable TV service or negotiating a better deal with the provider, we are here to help. We have listed down a bunch of helpful suggestions for you.  Here are some tips on how to get more out of your cable deals and packages.

Downgrade to a Cheaper Package

Starting with the most straightforward tip – every couple of months, take some time to reevaluate your usage. Once you make a habit of understanding how much you spend on home entrainment and how much you require, you will notice some shocking details. You might figure that you never really needed the premium channels or the internet package you are paying for, after all this time. 

Cutting the cord trend has a lot to do with ridiculous cable TV bills. Like many of us, if you too are struggling with keeping the cable TV package close to your budget, reevaluating your entertainment needs is essential. Packages that come with larger channel counts can add a lot to your monthly bill. 

Not only this, but customers often pay for features they never needed or are no longer interested in. These features are nothing but a waste of money, and you can drop them right away.

You can take some time to scan and research some cable TV providers in your area, the packages they offer, and the features included in your preferred package. Several authentic sites help find all the cable services in your area with the help of a zip code. You can try out the online zip tool on BuyTVInternetPhone to discover the best service providers in your area. 

Get in Touch with Customer Care Representatives

Various good cable TV companies offer several cable TV packages that you might find to be the best fit for your household. However, it is essential to know whether the company offers responsive customer service. The customer representatives are equipped with a list of all the offers to help customers pick a cable TV package that fits their needs and budget. Good customer service provides customers ample information to select the right package – especially for those on the verge of cutting the cord or switching to another provider. 

Cable companies like Spectrum have spent years building responsive and highly responsible customer service. Spectrum TV customer service satisfies customers with their queries, helps them select packages, and informs them about the latest offers.

Check Competitors Deal

It is always better to keep an eye on the competitors of your cable TV service provider. If you’re having difficulty deciding which cable TV provider is trustable, you have safe options like Spectrum. Several Spectrum Packages are designed for different customers’ needs. But this is not the case for all providers.

Some cable TV service providers stick with monotonous packages and do not offer deals or promotions. Suppose you do not want to switch to a better service provider. In that case, you should ask your provider for a discounted price or a promotional value. If you are bold enough, you can ask your cable company to develop better deals than what their competitors offer.

Realize the Benefits of Bundles

Bundling is great. You know the hassle if you currently pay for internet, phone, and cable TV from different providers. three separate service providers mean three separate bills to handle every month. With bundling services, you can shop for better services in one place with a hassle-free paying method. All your services will be summed in a single bill. Suppose you decide to grab services from a service provider like Spectrum. In that case, you are in a position to find better Spectrum packages and bundles. The bundled Spectrum Packages are way better than stand-alone services.

For some service providers, bundling services put customers in a position of power. You can negotiate a better deal with your cable company when purchasing a phone or internet service. It is far more painful for the company to lose a customer that pays for more than one service than a customer who pays for a stand-alone service.

Think outside the Box 

One of the factors that cable companies are stubborn about negotiating is the cable modem fees. The cable modem fees range between $6 and $11 a month. Suppose you want to reduce your cable TV bill and do not want to compromise on the premium channel or channel count. In that case, you can request the cable company to waive the rental fees of your cable modem. You can do this if you are upgrading to better packages.

On the other hand, many compatible modems are available for purchase. You can buy these modems and save on monthly rental fees. Also, communities like Craiglist help score a cheaper cable modem instead of buying a new one.


When trying to score a good deal, do not let rejection deter you. It will be hard for you to go out of your way and ask for a better deal, a promotional offer, a discount, or a reduction in your monthly cable TV bill. However, once you are on your first call with the customer representative, you are in for some beneficial communication. 

You have to make an effort to ask about the latest deals or promotional offers. You can also request the company to waive your cable modem fee. 

To sum it all up, you have to make an effort to grab an upcoming opportunity to reduce your cable TV bill and fulfill your entrainment needs.