Why Google Routers Are What You Need For Your Home

Venturing into production of their own smart products, Google can easily be called a top contender in the industry. With its infamous search engine, now software and a whole catalog of smart products, Google has managed to diversify into different tech-related categories within the industry. 

Google’s range of smart products is fairly new to the market but brilliant with the features and technology they boast. Its Nest Smart Thermostat is one of the best and affordable smart thermostats available. Its Nest Cam is the Smart Camera that ticks all the boxes when it comes to home security. And if you didn’t know, they have their own Wi-Fi Routers too.

Google’s Wi-Fi routers are one for the decade. With the way things are progressing, and with life post the Covid19 pandemic, the internet is undoubtedly a necessity for everyone. You can’t get much done without requiring a connection to the internet – whether it is homework, office meetings, location tracking, or attending online classes apart from the usual streaming videos and gaming. So here are Google’s best Wi-Fi Routers for your home. 

Google’s Top Wi-Fi Routers

You can find below two of Google’s Wi-Fi routers that are priced at two different price points, and cover different square footage area.

  1. Google Wi-Fi Router

Priced at $99.99 

The Google Wi-Fi is one of Google’s routers that can provide seamless coverage with strong internet connectivity to about an area of 1500 square feet. It is designed to handle multiple devices connected simultaneously, allowing you to stream videos, download content, play online gaming, have video calling and so much more.  

Gone are the days where you have dead zones within your house. Couldn’t get proper signals in your bedroom? With the Google Wi-Fi you wouldn’t have to sit at the edge of your bed anymore just to take a video call. That is what is meant by seamless coverage. And with a 3-pack of the Google Wi-Fi points you can cover a total area of 4500 square feet. Now isn’t that something!

An additional feature that would generally be appreciated is that with the Google Network Assist Software, you can prioritize a certain device that you want to focus the internet connectivity to – for instance your laptop if you’re about to have an overseas Zoom meeting with a business client.

  1. Google Nest Wi-Fi Router

Priced at $169

The Google Nest Wi-Fi router is a device from the Nest family of Google’s smart products. That automatically makes this a superior router compared to the standard ones that we are normally used to and here’s why. 

Covering an area of 2200 square feet, the Nest Wi-Fi Router provides seamless connectivity across the premises. Say goodbye to dead zones where you would normally struggle to find a decent amount of Wi-Fi signals, as well as buffering issues – and carry on with your Netflix TV series’ episode on the tablet as you walk from your bedroom to the kitchen to grab a snack. 

With the Google Home App, it is easy to set up your Nest Wi-Fi router, and have parental control over all connected devices – a feature that would be quite popular among parents. Manage screen time and access to certain content on certain devices from the Google Home App.

Here’s some additional benefits if you were to pair the Nest Wi-Fi Router with the Nest Point. The Nest point on its own is a device that can serve as a voice assistant, featuring the Google Assistant. But here’s what all you can do when you pair it with the Nest Router: connect up to 200 devices, all working with uninterrupted speed, and blanket an area of nearly 3800 square feet with full connectivity!

In a Nutshell

Does your standard home Wi-Fi router feel pretty ordinary to you now? We don’t blame you! Google’s Wi-Fi routers are as we said, brilliant and packed with features that you would not have thought were possible via a simple internet router. In a time where it’s all-things-internet, surely having such a router at your residence can be a blessing. They are more of an investment into your home, especially for those that have smart devices and smart homes.

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