What Is Linen Service In Train?

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Trains have long been a quintessential mode of transportation, offering a unique journey through landscapes and cultures. Amidst the myriad amenities provided during train travel, linen services stand as a crucial element, ensuring passenger comfort and convenience. Let’s explore the significance and offerings of linen services on trains, elevating the travel experience for passengers.

What Is Linen Service In Train?

Linen services on trains encompass the provision of clean and fresh beddings, towels, and other cloth-based amenities to passengers during their journey. These services aim to enhance the comfort and hygiene standards for travelers, offering a touch of convenience akin to hotel accommodations.

Amenities Included

Linen Services Typically Comprise:

  • Bedding: Clean bedsheets, blankets, and pillows are provided to passengers opting for overnight journeys or long-haul routes. These ensure a comfortable sleeping experience during the trip.
  • Towels: Fresh towels are made available for passengers to use in train restrooms or for personal hygiene needs.
  • Additional Cloth Items: Depending on the train service and class, additional cloth items like tablecloths, napkins, or curtains might be included.

Importance Of Linen Services

  • Hygiene and Comfort: Providing fresh linens ensures a hygienic and comfortable environment for passengers, especially during extended journeys. Clean beddings and towels contribute to a pleasant travel experience.
  • Convenience for Passengers: Linen services spare passengers the need to carry their bedding or towels, reducing luggage and making travel more convenient.
  • Enhancing Travel Standards: Linen services contribute to elevating the overall standard of train travel, aligning it with the expectations of modern-day travelers.

Variations In Services

The availability and quality of linen services may vary based on the type of train, class of travel, and specific train operators. Higher-end trains or premium classes often offer more extensive and luxurious linen services compared to standard services.

Challenges And Maintenance

Maintaining high-quality linen services on trains presents challenges, including:

  • Hygiene Standards: Ensuring consistent cleanliness and hygiene standards for linens throughout the journey, especially during longer routes.
  • Logistics: Managing inventory, washing, and restocking linens efficiently amidst the train’s schedule and limited space.


Linen services in trains play a vital role in enhancing the overall travel experience, providing passengers with clean and comfortable amenities. From ensuring hygiene to offering convenience, these services contribute to the appeal of train travel, allowing passengers to relax and enjoy their journey. As advancements in travel services continue, the focus on providing quality linen services remains a cornerstone in meeting the evolving expectations of modern travelers seeking comfort and convenience on their train adventures.


What Is Included In Linen Service In Train?

Pillows, blankets, sheets, and towels will be enclosed in a sealed cover. As a preventative move against the Covid-19 epidemic, Indian Railways had stopped providing linen and blankets.

Can We Take Linen From Train To Home?

In short, yes legally you can buy bedroll and takeaway to your home. On 07 Feb 2016, Mr. Suresh Prabhu, the Union Minister of Indian Railways, launched various projects and schemes, including the personalised takeaway bedrolls scheme.

Is Bedding Available In 3rd Ac Now?

Indian Railways has decided to provide bedrolls to the passengers travelling in third AC economy class coaches. Earlier, the service was not available for the third AC economy class coaches. Indian Railways has also increased the low-fare third AC economy class coaches in many trains.

How Do I Check If Blankets Are Available On My Train?

Train passengers can purchase Bedroll online through the official IRCTC website. Passengers are required to provide the PNR number of their confirmed or RAC ticket. The system will validate the 10-digit PNR number and then show the information on bedroll availability, type, and cost.

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