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In the dynamic landscape of medical education in India, a new term has gained prominence – INICET. This article aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of INICET, exploring its differences from NEET and NEET PG, its eligibility criteria, associated colleges, exam pattern, and what lies ahead for this examination in 2024.


INICET stands for the “Institute of National Importance Combined Entrance Test.” It is a medical entrance examination introduced to streamline the admission process for postgraduate courses in various medical specialties. This centralized exam is designed to assess the knowledge and skills of medical graduates aspiring to pursue further studies.

INI CET and NEET Difference

While NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) is the primary entrance exam for undergraduate medical courses, INICET caters specifically to postgraduate programs. The key difference lies in the academic level, with NEET addressing undergraduate admissions and INICET focusing on postgraduate admissions.

INI CET and NEET PG Difference

NEET PG (Postgraduate) and INICET share similarities as both target postgraduate medical courses. However, INICET is unique in that it is the entrance exam for institutes of national importance, offering specialized courses in various medical disciplines.

INI CET Full Form

INI CET’s full form, as mentioned earlier, is the “Institute of National Importance Combined Entrance Test.” This title encapsulates its role in facilitating admissions to prestigious medical institutions recognized as Institutes of National Importance.

INI CET vs NEET PG: Which Is Tough

Determining the relative difficulty of INICET compared to NEET PG is subjective and may vary for individual candidates. The difficulty level often depends on factors such as personal preparation, familiarity with the exam pattern, and the specific medical field of interest.

INI CET Eligibility Criteria

To appear for INICET, candidates must meet specific eligibility criteria. These typically include completing the required internship, possessing a valid MBBS degree, and fulfilling other criteria outlined by the examination authorities. It is crucial for aspiring candidates to thoroughly review and meet these criteria to ensure a smooth application process.

INI CET Colleges

INICET facilitates admissions to institutes of national importance, elevating the significance of the colleges associated with this examination. These institutes are recognized for their excellence in medical education and research, making them coveted institutions for postgraduate medical studies.

INI CET Exam Pattern

Understanding the exam pattern is vital for effective preparation. INICET typically assesses candidates on subjects relevant to their chosen specialty. The examination may include multiple-choice questions (MCQs) and is designed to evaluate both theoretical knowledge and clinical acumen.

INI CET 2024

As the landscape of medical education evolves, the INICET 2024 edition is anticipated to bring new opportunities and challenges. Prospective candidates should stay updated on any changes in the exam pattern, eligibility criteria, and other relevant information for the upcoming session.


INICET emerges as a crucial milestone for medical graduates aspiring to pursue specialized postgraduate studies in institutes of national importance. Understanding the distinctions between INICET and other medical entrance exams, along with being well-versed in eligibility criteria and exam patterns, empowers candidates to navigate the admissions process successfully. As the medical education landscape continues to evolve, staying informed about INICET and its developments becomes pivotal for aspiring medical professionals.


What Is The Purpose Of The Ini Cet Exam?

Institute of National Importance Combined Entrance Test or INI CET and National Eligibility cum Entrance Test-Postgraduate NEET PG both are national-level postgraduate medical entrance exams. A valid score in each exam makes you eligible for admission to various medical courses like MD MS etc.

What Is The Difference Between Neet Pg And Ini Cet?

NEET PG is for MD, MS, and PG Diploma courses, while INI CET is for MDS, DM, and MCh courses conducted by AIIMS for select institutes.

Who Is Eligible For Ini Cet?

Education Qualification: Candidates must possess an MBBS degree from an institution recognized by the NMC/MCI. Internship: Applicant must have the certificate of completing the 12-month rotatory internship. Minimum Score: General/OBC/EWS category candidates must have secured 55% aggregate in MBBS degree.

What Are The Courses Offered By Ini Cet?

The Combined Entrance Test (CET) for admission into July 2023 session of postgraduate courses [MD, MS, DM (6 yrs), MCh (6 yrs) and MDS] at Institutes of National Importance (INIs) for Medical Education namely, AIIMS-New Delhi and all new AIIMS, JIPMER-Puducherry, NIMHANS Bengaluru, PGIMER-Chandigarh and SCTIMST- …

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