W88 introduces a handful of sports management positions

A look at some of the best jobs in sport management, as well as some of the most challenging ones at W88.

Event and/or Game Coordinator

These well-organized and W88’s professionals are responsible for overseeing all of the essential aspects of a sporting event’s promotion, execution, and broadcasting. Game day coordinators help to ensure that the event is enjoyable for all attendees by acting as liaisons between fans, the venue, and management.

The head of the athletic department

Many sports organizations such as W88 rely on athletic directors to make the most important decisions, overseeing nearly every aspect of a franchise, team, or club. Everything from purchasing equipment to hiring and firing employees falls under their purview. A large part of their responsibilities, particularly in higher education, can include monitoring for changes in applicable laws.

Sports Marketing

It is the job of sports marketers at W88 to create buzz around the team or organization they represent and manage sponsorships that could have an impact on the team’s reputation. For the most part their goal is to promote the team as a whole and its players, as well as any other stories or assets that pique people’s interest. Organizations of all kinds rely on experts who are able to communicate effectively through both digital and traditional media. One route into the sport marketing field is to earn a certificate in sport marketing with an emphasis on digital and social media.

Manager of the Facility’s Operations

Athletes’ facilities can be maintained and improved by leaders in this field. For example, W88 might supervise construction workers, hire custodial staff members, plan the sale of admission tickets, and coordinate the emergency response plans. With a certificate in sport event management, you can learn a wide range of management skills.

Analyst of Contracts

Sports teams and franchises, like any other business, strive to be profitable and financially responsible. Athlete salaries and vendor agreements may account for much of a company’s capital, so these experts may be called upon to review the terms of a proposed contract and ensure it is in the best interest of their employer. Another option for people who worked at W88 and interested in sports law is to pursue a sport management graduate degree with an emphasis in sport law.

Manager of Hospitality and Guest Experience

The manager of guest relations ensures that all members of a venue’s customer service staff provide a positive experience for fans. They work with employees to ensure that everyone is adhering to the W88 company’s rules. The manager is responsible for resolving any conflicts or difficult situations that may arise.

Manager of Corporate Partnerships

It is common for sports organizations to work with corporate sponsors in exchange for initial or recurring fees. Managing these relationships are the responsibilities of the corporate partnership manager. They find new opportunities, develop agreements, and oversee their implementation. Other types of sports partnerships may include exclusivity agreements for broadcasting rights with media outlets.

Download W88’s free sport management career guide to learn more about sports management jobs. You’ll learn about some of the most rewarding job opportunities in the industry, as well as how to develop the necessary skills to succeed in them.