Stranger Things Season 3 Movie Download
Stranger Things Season 3 Movie Download

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Stranger Things Season 3 Full Movie Download

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Creators: Matt Duffer, Ross Duffer

Release Date:- July 4, 2019

Rating:- 8.8/10

Total Episodes:- 8

Language:- English | Hindi

Genres:- Drama | Fantasy | Horror | Mystery | Sci-Fi | Thriller

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In the summer of 1985 in Hawkins, the newly opened Starcourt Mall has become the main attraction point of the town. Hawkins chief of police Jim Hopper is conflicted over Eleven and Mike’s growing relationship, while Joyce considers moving out of Hawkins for a better future, leaving the state of the children’s friendships and her own relationship with Hopper in the air. However, strange power fluctuations trigger Will’s awareness of something uncanny, and Eleven and Max sense something is off about the town’s residents, and despite having closed the portal to the Upside Down, fear that they are all still in danger from it.


One summer can change everything.

Stranger Things Season 3  Full Details

Stranger Things Season 3  Episodes

  1. “First Chapter: Suzie, Do You Copy?”
  2. “Second Chapter: The Mall Rats”
  3. “Third Chapter: The Case of the Missing Lifeguard”
  4. “Fourth Chapter: The Sauna Test”
  5. “Fifth Chapter: The Flayed”
  6. “Sixth Chapter: E Pluribus Unum”
  7. “Seventh Chapter: The Bite”
  8. “Eight Chapter: The Battle of Starcourt”


One year later in Hawkins, Mike and Eleven are in a warm relationship, something which Hopper is trying to accept. The new Starcourt Mall has become the main attraction point of the town and the Party. Will begins to sense that something is wrong after a power outage but wants to believe that its nothing. Nancy and Jonathan have taken up jobs at The Hawkins Post. Dustin returns home from the summer camp where he claims to have met his new girlfriend named Suzie. Billy has become a lifeguard at the Hawkins Community Pool.

Hopper begins to turn to Joyce for advice for face to face Mike and Eleven about their relationship. Steve has begun working at an ice cream parlor called Scoops Ahoy at the mall. His co-worker Robin Buckley pokes fun at his feeble attempts. As Joyce is preparing a speech for Hopper, he asks her for dinner. Joyce claims that she has plans, leaving Hopper disappointed. Dustin leads the Party to Hawkins’ tallest point, where they plan to build his new powerful radio which they plan on using to contact Suzie. Mike and Eleven claim to have a curfew which banned them from joining the rest of them.

Stranger Things Season 3 Movie Download

Rats are shown to be gathering at an abandoned steelworks, where they all begin to explode into pieces. Suzie doesn’t respond to Dustin when he tries to contact her, leading Lucas and Max to believe that Suzie doesn’t exist. They decide to wait for her to respond anyway. Joyce begins to have flashbacks of Bob upon returning from work and watching TV on her own. The magnets on her fridge mysteriously fall off together without her knowledge.

Hopper confronts Mike and Eleven while they share a loving moment, but rather than follow Joyce’s advice, he decides to do things his way by getting Mike alone and warning him while taking him home. After what seemed to be a few hours of Dustin attempting to contact Suzie, Lucas and Max decide to leave him. Will follows them not long after, leaving Dustin feeling alone and ousted.

Dustin receives Russian transmission

He doesn’t feel this way for long as he receives a Russian transmission. Billy is already on his way before a creature seemingly attacks his car as he is driving past Brimborn Steelworks, leading him to crash. He is then dragged into the steelworks down a flight of stairs by vines. Billy is released from the Steel Works and immediately finds the nearest telephone booth and dials 911 before experiencing a vision in the Upside Down in which a group of clones of himself cryptically order him to build an army.

Nancy gets out of work and brings Jonathan along on her secret diseased rat’s case. Dustin reunites with Steve and is introduced to Robin. Dustin asks Steve for help in translating the Russian transmission. At Scoops Ahoy, Steve and Dustin are struggling to translate the transmission. Robin walks in on them and seriously offers to help out of boredom. Joyce becomes increasingly suspicious of the constantly failing magnets and decides to go ask Scott Clarke about it. Scott gives a theoretical reason for why Joyce’s magnets have stopped working, which involves an extremely expensive and high-powered machine that could be running nearby.

Stranger Things Season 3 Movie Download

Robin finishes the translation: “The week is long, the silver car feeds when blue meets yellow in the west.” They also discover that the transmission was made there in the Mall. The next day, Will is in a festive mood as he declares a ‘day without girls’ at the Wheeler house, a day that calls for a game of Dungeons & Dragons. Joyce pays a disgruntled Hopper a visit in order to fill him in with her suspicions about the magnets and how they could be connected to the lab, though he rejects her directly. against this, Joyce forces him to investigate the lab with her.

Robin is continuing the translation while Steve and Dustin straighten the mall for Russian spies. Back at the Wheeler house, Mike and Lucas are showing little to no interest in Will’s campaign, which leads to him giving up and tear out of the house. Mike tries to make an apology, but Will rejects him and bikes out in the rain. Hopper and Joyce arrive at Hawkins National Laboratory, which triggers a flashback of Bob’s death in Joyce’s mind. Dustin spots what he believes to be an “Evil Russian”, who turns out to simply be a Jazzercise instructor.

Russian transmission Cracked By Robin

Robin finally figures out the message. Joyce and Hopper find nothing, leading Joyce to believe that she is going crazy. Hopper convinces her by feeling the exact same way. He also reveals that he is aware of Joyce‘s plan to leave Hawkins and attempts to softly reason her against it. However, they are disrupted by a noise made not far from their position in the lab. Mike and Lucas follow Will back to his house to apologize, but he isn‘t there.

He is sitting in Castle Byers where he emotionally looks back on old memories, which leads to him destroying the fort in tears and agony. Steve, Robin, and Dustin witness a crime between what they think are Russians, which involved the moving of boxes into a secret room guarded by armed men. They accidentally create a loud sound, which alerts the Russians to an individual’s presence.

The three of them make it out of there before being found. At the lab, Hopper is searching for the source of the noise, which introduces itself by surprise-attacking him and beating him to the ground before making his getaway on a motorbike. Joyce witnesses him fleeing, finding Hopper unconscious. Right at that moment, Will begins to sense the Mind Flayer’s presence again, which leads him to finally informing Mike and Lucas that he has returned.

Stranger Things Season 3 Movie Download

Hopper wakes up the next morning in his cabin, where Joyce brought him. They try to identify who the attacker was, and Joyce notes that he didn’t have a car. Mike, Lucas and Will try to gather the whole party together, though they were unsuccessful in contacting Dustin, who is currently deciding with Steve and Robin how they are going to get into the secret room in the mall. While trying to come up with suggestions, Robin leaves with an idea, telling the other two to stay put. El and Max reunite with the boys as Will is explaining his suspicions and theories about the Mind Flayer.

Return of  Mind Flayer’s

 Based on last year’s events, he believes that it has most likely chosen a new host. Arriving at city hall, Hopper questions Mayor Kline about his attacker, as he now recalls seeing someone simulate his figure the last time he was outside the Mayor’s office. Kline claims to not remember him. This leads to verbal threats on both sides before it turns to attacks on Hopper’s side. Kline ultimately reveals that the man works for Starcourt Mall and has bribing him for properties throughout East Hawkins. Hopper orders to see records of this.

Robin presents her idea to use air ducts, something they soon discover none of them can fit into. At Scoops Ahoy, Erica Sinclair is elected to enter the air ducts which, after a fair bit of pull and bribing, she agrees to. Hopper and Joyce arrive at Mayor Kline’s mansion with the Mayor himself leading the way. He leads them to a safe in his bedroom, which provides a variety of addresses to bought properties. Joyce thinks that the machine Scott Clarke was talking about could be located at one of these properties.

Stranger Things Season 3 Movie Download

While the Party prepares for their plan, Mike attempts to apologize to El, but to no work. The same happens between Lucas and Will. At the mall, Robin’s plan works perfectly, as Erica was able to climb her way through to the room, allowing the other three inside. Back to the pool, Mike lures Billy to the sauna, where Eleven locks him in. Will turns up the heat, and they wait. At the mall, Steve begins to open up the boxes, which they find are filled with crates of green radioactive material. The walls begin to shake, and before they can leave, they discover that they are in an elevator, which begins to go down at a rapid speed.

Stranger Things Season 3 Movie Download

At the pool, Billy breaks down in sobs, claiming to Max that “he” made him do it, claiming that he tried to stop “him”. Will senses the Mind Flayer’s presence and tells Mike this, who tells Max to get away from the door. She does this just in time for Billy to smash through the window and attempt to attack her. Lucas shoots him in the head with his slingshot, which sends Billy backward before he starts torment as the lights flicker. In the hospital Mrs. Driscoll’s room also begins to flicker as she becomes covered in black veins. She begins to scream at the same time Billy does as he breaks down the door.

Eleven uses her powers to restrain him, which works for a short period of time before he breaks through and grabs her by the neck. She is saved by Mike, who attacks him with nearby weight equipment. Billy goes for Mike instead before being hung in the air by Eleven and thrown through a brick wall. Mike relieves a now weakened El as Billy retreats in torture. Heather tends to Billy at the steelworks. It’s revealed that they have infected at least 20 of Hawkins’ residence.

Stranger Things Season 3 Movie Download

Steve, Dustin, Robin, and Erica have found no way to escape the elevator shaft. Hopper and Joyce come across a farm as one of the listed locations, where they find two Russians in an underground room. They attempt to question them before Russian agent Grigori arrives. He and Hopper have a clash, which ends with him and Joyce escaping with one of the Russians in custody. Nancy calls Jonathan from the hospital early the next morning, demanding to know where Will is.

She claims that he may be in danger. Outside the cabin, Hopper is trying to get his broken-down truck working again as Joyce tries to question the Russian, who is a scientist by the name of Alexei. Hopper’s efforts end in the engine exploding, leaving the three of them no choice but to walk randomly through the woods. Their objective is to go to Illinois, where an “acquaintance” of Hopper lives who can speak Russian.

Stranger Things Season 3 Movie Download

Eleven hears some of this while spying on him in the Void, and relays it to the rest of the Party, who have regrouped at the Wheeler house. They are completely unsure of what their next move should be. They are soon joined by Nancy and Jonathan, who are looking for Will. Beneath the Starcourt Mall, Dustin tries to contact the ground level through his walkie-talkie, but to no avail. Finally, the elevator doors are opened by a pair of Russian soldiers, who are there to collect the crates.

Stranger Things Season 3 Movie Download

The kids make their way out as the doors are closing. They then begin to set out through a long tunnel passageway. Back at the Wheeler house, Nancy begins to connect her story with what the Party has discovered. This leads to them believing that Mrs. Driscoll, Tom, and Heather Holloway are all Flayed along with Billy. They proceed to investigate the Holloway house. Grigori finds Hopper’s truck, where he finds footprints. Hopper, Joyce, and Alexei find a gas station, where they hijack someone’s car.

While walking through the tunnel, Robin begins to question why the Russians have so much interest in Hawkins of all places. Steve and Dustin have their own suspicions that they choose to not share with the other two. The Holloway house is found to be extremely cold and vacant. They also find many chemicals. They concur that the ‘flaying’ is happening at a specific location. Will brings up the idea of having Mrs. Driscoll lead them there from the hospital.

Stranger Things Season 3 Movie Download

Grigori investigates the gas station clerk as Hopper, Joyce, and Alexei arrive at the residence of Murray Bauman. Steve, Dustin, Robin, and Erica stumble upon a room full of soldiers. Manage to make it to the comms room, where Steve manages to takes out one soldier. They grab his key card, but before they leave they decide to inspect an odd-looking room nearby. Discover that the Russians are trying to create a Gate to the Upside Down.

Stranger Things Season 3 Movie Download

The Party arrives at the hospital, but only Nancy and Jonathan are allowed to visit her. While they wait, Lucas encourages Mike to try to repair his relationship with Eleven. Nancy and Jonathan make an apology for their fight on their way up. They find that Mrs. Driscoll is not there. They instead find Tom Holloway and Bruce Lowe, who has also been Flayed. They proceed to attack them. Mike complements El’s dress as he offers her M&Ms. Meanwhile, Nancy And Jonathan are racing through the hospital.

They eventually get separated, with Bruce going after Nancy and Tom chasing Jonathan. After a series of beat downs and chases, both Tom and Bruce are defeated. Their two corpses proceed to melt into fleshy goo. The two piles move by themselves before they reach each other and collude, becoming one big fleshy monster. Steve, Dustin, Robin, and Erica are found by the Russians. Steve and Robin give the other two time to hide before they‘re captured.

Attack of Fleshy Monster

 At the hospital, Will senses the Mind Flayer‘s presence as the lights begin to flicker, alerting the others. Upstairs, the fleshy monster chases after Nancy, who locks herself in a separate room. The monster is able to bypass the room very quickly and is about to finish her off before Eleven bursts open the door with the others and use her powers to throw the monster out of the building. It proceeds to retreat through a drain. The next day, Mayor Kline’s Fun Fair begins to take shape. Kline meets with Grigori, who gives him one day to find Hopper.

At Murray’s Warehouse, Alexei is rejected to talk without his specific demands, which drives Hopper up a wall. Over time, Alexei realizes that his best bet is to side with the Americans rather than his co-worker. Dustin fills Erica in on the events of the last two years as they journey through air ducts, which leads to an argument over whether or not Erica is a nerd. A Russian officer, Ozerov, is convinced that Steve and Robin are working for a higher power. Steve tries to tell him otherwise, but he doesn’t believe him and proceeds to have tortured until he talks. Nancy, Jonathan and the Party have regrouped at Hopper’s cabin, where El is searching for members of the Flayed through the Void. Mike and Max argue over El’s rights before she tells them that she found Billy.

Stranger Things Season 3 Movie Download

At Murray’s Warehouse, Alexei, through Murray’s translation, begins to communicate to Hopper and Joyce what he and his co-worker have been doing. Joyce tries to call her kids while Hopper assures Alexei that he will get him to his Key, though Alexei claims that access to the Key is impossible. Dustin and Erica commandeer a cart and a taser as Robin screams for help. She and Steve attempt to free themselves of their cover, which fails. They share a tender moment before Ozerov comes back with Dr. Zharkov, who injects a needle into Steve’s neck. Billy is simply sitting in his room.

The Party believes he is setting a trap, so Eleven comes up with a new idea. When she tries to reach him, she succeeds in accessing his memories, where she witnesses his child self sharing a moment with his mother. Hopper sends a distress call to Dr. Owens before him, Joyce, Alexei and Murray head back to Hawkins. Ozerov interrogates a now lucid Steve, who tells him about Dustin and claims that he’s ‘long gone’ right before an alarm goes off, distracting Ozerov while Dustin and Erica enter and take down Dr. Zharkov with the taser. Eleven continues to see more of the abuse Billy suffered at the hands of his father. She sees more and more before she finally reaches Brimborn Steel Works.

Stranger Things Season 3 Movie Download

She seemingly exits the Void, only to find that she is alone. Billy enters the cabin, claiming that he knows where she is, and that everything he and the rest of the Flayed have been doing has been for her. He claims that he is going to end her, her friends, and then everyone. Eleven leaves the Void in shock and despair. The Flayed gather at the steelworks, where they all melt into goo to become one massive spider-like monster.

Eleven, who had just then reconciled with Mike, uses her powers to incapacitate the Mind Flayer, forcing it to flee to the mill. In the Russian lab beneath Starcourt, Steve and Robin are captured, drugged, and interrogated, but Dustin and Erica manage to rescue them. With Murray translating, Hopper and Joyce hold Alexei hostage, forcing him to reveal that the Russians are attempting to access the Upside Down and that they are opening a portal beneath Starcourt. Hopper calls Owens to warn the U.S. Government of the threat but Joyce insists that they return to Hawkins immediately, fearing that their kids may be involved.

Stranger Things Season 3 Movie Download

Grigori corners Kline at Hawkins’ Independence Day fair, demanding he step up efforts to find Hopper. Mike inadvertently admits his love for Eleven. To find the Mind Flayer, Eleven uses her powers in an attempt to psychically communicate with Billy, learning of his troubled childhood and finding the Flayer at the mill. Billy senses Eleven’s presence, giving the Mind Flayer access to her location, and reveals that the Mind Flayer’s plan is to kill her in revenge for her closing the gate. The Flayed converge on the mill, dissolving into an organic mass and merging with the Mind Flayer.

Eleven and the others determine the Mind Flayer is coming for her since she was the one who previously closed the gate. Will senses the Mind Flayer approaching and it attacks them before they flee, wounding Eleven. Dustin and Erica drag a drugged Steve and Robin to the movie theater in Starcourt. Eleven’s group breaks into a Starcourt mall to help treat her wounds and gather more supplies. Dustin contacts them over the walkie-talkie to try and explain their situation before he loses battery power.

Stranger Things Season 3 Movie Download

Eleven uses her powers to find Dustin and the group takes off for the mall. Steve admits that he has feelings for Robin. Hopper’s group makes their way to the park in Hawkins to find the children where they are spotted by Kline, who alerts the Russians. Alexei is badly shot by Grigori in front of Murray. Murray, Hopper, and Joyce evade several Soviet agents and learn the agents are looking for the children at the mall. At the mall, Eleven’s group arrives in time to stop the Russians from shooting Dustin’s group. Eleven collapses in front of the children, she wound pulsing.

The Battle of Starcourt Mall

Eleven clear herself of a piece of the Mind Flayer that had been embedded in her wound as Hopper’s group arrives. Plans are made to take Eleven to safety, while Hopper, Joyce, and Murray will shut off the machine, with Dustin and Erica navigating for them from his radio tower. Dustin enlists Suzie’s help for a necessary code, Planck’s constant. Billy and the Mind Flayer trap Eleven at the mall, and Billy seizes Eleven. While the others distract the Mind Flayer by attacking it with fireworks, Eleven is able to awaken Billy’s mind from his memories, and Billy sacrifices himself to protect Eleven.

Hopper fights with Grigori in the gate room as Joyce prepares to trigger the shutdown. throws Grigori into the machine, causing it to go haywire and block his exit. He responds at Joyce to trigger the shutdown, wash out everyone in the gate room, seemingly himself as well, and killing the nearby Mind Flayer. As Dr. Owens arrives with military forces, Eleven learns from Joyce’s expression that Hopper is gone.

Three months later, Joyce’s family and a powerless Eleven prepare to move out of Hawkins. Mike and Eleven confess their love for each other and make plans to see each other at Thanksgiving. Joyce gives Hopper’s written speech, that he was going to say during their heart-to-heart, to Eleven.

Stranger Things Season 3  Star Casts

Stranger Things Season 3 Movie Download
Stranger Things Season 3 Movie Download

Winona Ryder:- Joyce Byers

David Harbour:- Jim Hopper

Finn Wolfhard:- Mike Wheeler

Millie Bobby Brown:- Eleven

Gaten Matarazzo:- Dustin Henderson

Caleb McLaughlin:- Lucas Sinclair

Noah Schnapp:- Will Byers

Sadie Sink:- Max Mayfield

Natalia Dyer:- Nancy Wheeler

Charlie Heaton:- Jonathan Byers

Joe Keery:- Steve Harrington

Dacre Montgomery:- Billy Hargrove

Maya Hawke:- Robin Buckley

Priah Ferguson:- Erica Sinclair

Cara Buono:- Karen Wheeler

Stranger Things Season 3 Movie Download
Stranger Things Season 3 Movie Download
Stranger Things Season 3 Movie Download
Stranger Things Season 3 Movie Download
Stranger Things Season 3 Movie Download
Stranger Things Season 3 Movie Download
Stranger Things Season 3 Movie Download
Stranger Things Season 3 Movie Download
Stranger Things Season 3 Movie Download
Stranger Things Season 3 Movie Download
Stranger Things Season 3 Movie Download
Stranger Things Season 3 Movie Download
Stranger Things Season 3 Movie Download
Stranger Things Season 3 Movie Download
Stranger Things Season 3 Movie Download
Stranger Things Season 3 Movie Download
Stranger Things Season 3 Movie Download
Stranger Things Season 3 Movie Download
Stranger Things Season 3 Movie Download
Stranger Things Season 3 Movie Download
Stranger Things Season 3 Movie Download
Stranger Things Season 3 Movie Download
Stranger Things Season 3 Movie Download
Stranger Things Season 3 Movie Download

Stranger Things Season 3  Official Trailer

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