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Maaya Full Movie Download

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Production Co:- Loneranger Productions

Release Date:- 27 January 2017 (India)

Rating:- 5.6/10

Total Episodes:- 11

Language:- Hindi

Genres:- Drama

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When Sonia has a nervous disaster and forgets the last 6 months of her life, her husband, Abhishek, is forced to swipe into her life to find out what had caused the injury. Abhishek soon finds out that Sonia had a secret life of extreme sexuality and twisted fantasies that he didn’t know about, a life that abandons him, and yet he was the only one who could save her.

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Maaya Full Details

Maaya Storyline

Sonia is ruin by an unknown emotional trauma to slip into a coma. While her doctor husband Abhishek tried to expose the truth. Rahul begins to empty the beans to his lawyer. Talks about his sad life and BDSM the only refuge. Sonia learns of her condition while Abhishek gibe deeper to expose her trauma. Maaya, a brand.

Abhishek inquire into Sonia’s past to begin a journey of discover her secrets. Rahul in the meanwhile begins to reveal to his lawyers the darkness of his marriage. Rahul reveals to his lawyer why his wife is upset with him and how he managed to find Maaya. Abhishek in the meanwhile discovers that Sonia is losing track of time and he needs to know her secret in a hurry.

Rahul is finally able to convince Sonia to meet him. Sonia is skittish. Rahul has a way out for her to get to know him. Sonia’s perilous journey descent into the dark world begins. Rahul sends Sonia a barrage of BDSM fantasies. Sonia is fighting her body and her fantasies. The battle reaches its climax.

Abhishek tries to avoid his surgeries as he continues reading the blog. Sonia and Rahul’s relationship intensifies from BDSM to something much more. Maaya is torn apart between her love for Rahul and Abhishek’s love for her while things worsen for Rahul as he gets further caught up in his father-in-law’s ugly ways.

Sonia tries to cope up when she gets the news about Rahul’s injuries. Rahul finally understands the conspiracy against him. Abhishek has no choice but to tell Sonia the truth about Maaya. Rahul has to fight to prove his innocence.

Maaya Episodes

Maaya Season 1
Episode 1:-  Beginning of the End
Episode 2:-  Both Slaves
Episode 3:-  Hi Maaya!
Episode 4:-  And They Met
Episode 5:-  The Five Percent
Episode 6:-  The Body Has a Mind of its Own
Episode 7:-  A Slave to Love
Episode 8:-  The Chains of Society
Episode 9:-  Half A Heart
Episode 10:-  The Long Night

Maaya Star Casts

Shama Sikander:- Sonia

Veer Aryan:-  Abhishek

Vipul Gupta:-  Rahul

Parina Chopra:-  Dr. Shalini

Aradhaya:-  Diya

Maaya web series 

Maaya web series 

Maaya web series 

Maaya web series 

Maaya web series 


Maaya Official Trailer

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IMDB User Reviews

  • Manindersharma

Worst ending ever I have seen… Story is not practical….

  • ashusbhoi

The story shows how high a desire can affect our life.Great storyline and bold move by the creator of the series.I like it personally.To watch it you have to be patience.If you don’t like BDSM and its concept then don’t watch it.Great acting by actress Shama Sikandar.Other actors also plays their role very vell.

  • asifawesome9028

Sonia is a woman who is married to a successful nice guy everything seems to be nice except realization of the Sonia that she needs some banging in Sex and her husband is too nice to do that, the things change when Rahul comes into her life then comes drama thriller and true love of her live. For me the overall story was engaging and moving Sonia is depicted Hot and Sensual. Script is okay if not extraordinary this is a bold step in India to come up with such script but in the end i could not empathize with Sonia that she needed banging for pleasure.

Those who don’t like BSDM and bruises on her back in one episode will never know why masochists need striking of their body to get pleasure while other people just need tender caresses. For knowing the psyche of those kinds of people does watch this drama.

Maaya web series

  • kamalranjan

As the title of the series reveals itself ‘Maya’, which means illusion. I thought that I will encounter something relatable to magic but what I saw seemed like an Indian version of fifty shades of grey. Pardon me if I’m wrong but honestly, you can create a better recipe if you know the right ingredient of making an erotic drama. Shama Sikander is no doubt a bold actress and also bold enough to even chose to play the lead character Maya, who’s a troubled woman trapped in the realm of unfulfilled desire. Shama seems to be doing a good job justifying the character but not all of it and you can’t blame her for that. The script has plot-holes that you just can’t fill with sex scenes.

The series focuses on just sex rather than concentrating on the psychological dilemma one goes to indulge in fantasies like BDSM. I don’t want to spoil it for you but the characters are having hardcore sex because they find solace in it, it’s a good concept but it has to be backed with some solid plot. I can go with Five stars for this series, if you’re looking for softcore porn then this series for you expect that it is just a tale gone wrong.

FAQs on Maaya Web Series Download or Watch Online

  1. Where can I watch Maaya web series?

The availability of the Maaya web series is in YouTube. One can easily watch it there for free. YouTube is a free option for those looking to stream it for free and for those having paid subscriptions of YouTube can enjoy all the best web series.

  1. What cast and crew have worked in Maaya?

Shama Sikander, Veer Aryan, Vipul Gupta, Parina Chopra and Aradhaya.

  1. Is it easy to download Maaya web series?

Yes, it’s easy to download the Maaya web series, one just needs to join our Telegram Channel (Bestmoviesin) provided in this article.

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