Kind of Evidence Admissible in Title IX Acquisitions.

Kind of Evidence Admissible in Title IX Acquisitions.

Getting wrongfully accused of sexual harassment or sexual discrimination is extremely common in schools and universities. These acquisitions can be actual, or someone can be wrongfully accused of it. The consequences of this matter have a very great deal of implications that the offender has to face.

If you have been accused under Title IX, then you must seek some professional help that may help you in getting the best legal aid. Moreover, the attorneys may help you devise an appropriate plan of action to lower the charges or, if possible, remove them all. To know more about the best league team, you can click here.

Evidence that is admissible in Title IX acquisition.

A couple of strict rules and parameters are set when gathering and presenting evidence in a court of law. Proof that you may show will directly impact the ongoing trial. So here are some pieces of evidence that you can present:

  1. A videotape of the offender caught in the act of conducting the offense. The tape you present must be of better quality and should clearly show the face and the objects being used. Audio assistance would be a plus if you could get that.
  2. The transcript of interviews conducted of the offender and the victim can produce a great bunch of details in providing information that can be used in court.
  3. Suppose there was an individual or a group of individuals present at the time of the incident that witnessed the offense. In that case, that person can testify in court against or for the offender based on what they have seen.

These parameters, as mentioned earlier, for evidence to justify in the court of law are generic. To build a solid proof case, you must hire a team of experienced attorneys who have previously dealt with Title IX cases. Picking the right legal team will decide the outcome of your case and how it will end. 

Title IX cases usually, if proven guilty, have charges like that offender may have to serve a jail sentence for a certain number of years, or they might have to pay a hefty amount to the victims in return. Moreover, the charges that get registered against the person carry different troubles. So, therefore, it is best to have the best attorney to serve justice for you.