Index of Friends Season (10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1) All Seasons |Watch Online Review in 1 click

Index of Friends Season (10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1) All Seasons |Watch Online Review in 1 click

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Index of Friends Movie Review

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Index of Friends

Index of Friends Production Co: Bright/Kauffman/Crane Productions, Warner Bros. Television

Index of Friends Release Date:- September 22, 1994 (USA)

Index of Friends Rating:- 9.0/10

Index of Friends Total Episodes:- 235

Index of Friends Total Seasons:- 10

Index of Friends Language:-  English | Dutch | Italian | FrenchIndex of Friends Genres:- Comedy | Romance

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Ross Geller, Rachel Green, Monica Geller, Joey Tribbiani, Chandler Bing, and Phoebe Buffay are six 20 something year olds living in New York City. Over the course of 10 years, these friends go through family, love, drama, friendship, and comedy.

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Index of Friends Movie Review Full Details

Index of Friends All Seasons Episodes

Index of Friends Season 1 Index of Friends Season 2
The One Where Monica Gets a Roommate
The One with the Sonogram at the End
The One with the Thumb
The One with George Stephanopoulos
The One with the East German Laundry Detergent
The One with the Butt
The One with the Blackout
The One Where Nana Dies Twice
The One Where Underdog Gets Away
The One with the Monkey
The One with Mrs. Bing
The One with the Dozen Lasagnas
The One with the Boobies
The One with the Candy Hearts
The One with the Stoned Guy
The One with Two Parts: Part 1
The One with Two Parts: Part 2
The One with All the Poker
The One Where the Monkey Gets
The One with the Evil Orthodontist
The One with the Fake Monica
The One with the Ick Factor
The One with the Birth
The One Where Rachel Finds Out
“The One with Ross’s New Girlfriend”
“The One with the Breast Milk”
“The One Where Heckles Dies”
“The One with Phoebe’s Husband”
“The One with Five Steaks and an Eggplant”
“The One with the Baby on the Bus”
“The One Where Ross Finds Out”
“The One with the List”
“The One with Phoebe’s Dad”
“The One with Russ”
“The One with the Lesbian Wedding”
“The One After the Superbowl”
“The One with the Prom Video”
“The One Where Ross and Rachel…You Know”
“The One Where Joey Moves Out”
“The One Where Eddie Moves In”
“The One Where Dr. Ramoray Dies”
“The One Where Eddie Won’t Go”
“The One Where Old Yeller Dies”
“The One with the Bullies”
“The One with the Two Parties”
“The One with the Chicken Pox”
“The One with Barry and Mindy’s Wedding”
Index of Friends Season 3 Index of Friends Season 4
“The One with the Princess Leia Fantasy”
“The One Where No One’s Ready”
“The One with the Jam”
“The One with the Metaphorical Tunnel”
“The One with Frank Jr.”
“The One with the Flashback”
“The One with the Race Car Bed”
“The One with the Giant Poking Device”
“The One with the Football”
“The One Where Rachel Quits”
“The One Where Chandler Can’t Remember Which Sister”
“The One with All the Jealousy”
“The One Where Monica and Richard Are Just Friends”
“The One with Phoebe’s Ex-Partner”
“The One Where Ross and Rachel Take a Break”
“The One with the Morning After”
“The One Without the Ski Trip”
“The One with the Hypnosis Tape”
“The One with the Tiny T-Shirt”
“The One with the Dollhouse”
“The One with a Chick and a Duck”
“The One with the Screamer”
“The One with Ross’s Thing”
“The One with the Ultimate Fighting Champion”
“The One at the Beach”
“The One with the Jellyfish”
“The One with the Cat”
“The One with the Cuffs”
“The One with the Ballroom Dancing”
“The One with Joey’s New Girlfriend”
“The One with the Dirty Girl”
“The One Where Chandler Crosses the Line”
“The One with Chandler in a Box”
“The One Where They’re Going to Party!”
“The One with the Girl from Poughkeepsie”
“The One with Phoebe’s Uterus”
“The One with the Embryos”
“The One with Rachel’s Crush”
“The One with Joey’s Dirty Day”
“The One with All the Rugby”
“The One with the Fake Party”
“The One with the Free Porn”
“The One with Rachel’s New Dress”
“The One with All the Haste”
“The One with All the Wedding Dresses”
“The One with the Invitation”
“The One with the Worst Best Man Ever”
“The One with Ross’ Wedding”
Index of Friends Season 5 Index of Friends Season 6
“The One After Ross Says Rachel”
“The One with All the Kissing”
“The One Hundredth”
“The One Where Phoebe Hates PBS”
“The One with the Kips”
“The One with the Yeti”
“The One Where Ross Moves In”
“The One with All the Thanksgivings”
“The One with Ross’s Sandwich”
“The One with the Inappropriate Sister”
“The One with All the Resolutions”
“The One with Chandler’s Work Laugh”
“The One with Joey’s Bag”
“The One Where Everybody Finds Out”
“The One with the Girl Who Hits Joey”
“The One with the Cop”
“The One with Rachel’s Inadvertent Kiss”
“The One Where Rachel Smokes”
“The One Where Ross Can’t Flirt”
“The One with the Ride-Along”
“The One with the Ball”
“The One with Joey’s Big Break”
“The One in Vegas”
“The One After Vegas”
“The One Where Ross Hugs Rachel”
“The One with Ross’s Denial”
“The One Where Joey Loses His Insurance”
“The One with Joey’s Porsche”
“The One on the Last Night”
“The One Where Phoebe Runs”
“The One with Ross’s Teeth”
“The One Where Ross Got High”
“The One with the Routine”
“The One with the Apothecary Table”
“The One with the Joke”
“The One with Rachel’s Sister”
“The One Where Chandler Can’t Cry”
“The One That Could Have Been”
“The One with Unagi”
“The One Where Ross Dates a Student”
“The One with Joey’s Fridge”
“The One with Mac and C.H.E.E.S.E.”
“The One Where Ross Meets Elizabeth’s Dad”
“The One Where Paul’s the Man”
“The One with the Ring”
“The One with the Proposal”
Index of Friends Season 7 Index of Friends Season 8
“The One with Monica’s Thunder”
“The One with Rachel’s Book”
“The One with Phoebe’s Cookies”
“The One with Rachel’s Assistant”
“The One with the Engagement Picture”
“The One with the Nap Partners”
“The One with Ross’s Library Book”
“The One Where Chandler Doesn’t Like Dogs”
“The One with All the Candy”
“The One with the Holiday Armadillo”
“The One with All the Cheesecakes”
“The One Where They’re Up All Night”
“The One Where Rosita Dies”
“The One Where They All Turn Thirty”
“The One with Joey’s New Brain”
“The One with the Truth About London”
“The One with the Cheap Wedding Dress”
“The One with Joey’s Award”
“The One with Ross and Monica’s Cousin”
“The One with Rachel’s Big Kiss”
“The One with the Vows”
“The One with Chandler’s Dad”
“The One with Monica and Chandler’s Wedding”
“The One After ‘I Do'”
“The One with the Red Sweater”
“The One Where Rachel Tells…”
“The One with the Videotape”
“The One with Rachel’s Date”
“The One with the Halloween Party”
“The One with the Stain”
“The One with the Stripper”
“The One with the Rumor”
“The One with Monica’s Boots”
“The One with Ross’s Step Forward”
“The One with The Creepy Holiday Card”
“The One Where Joey Dates Rachel”
“The One Where Chandler Takes a Bath”
“The One with the Secret Closet”
“The One with the Birthing Video”
“The One Where Joey Tells Rachel”
“The One with the Tea Leaves”
“The One in Massapequa”
“The One with the Zesty Guy”
“The One with Joey’s Interview”
“The One with the Baby Shower”
“The One with the Cooking Class”
“The One Where Rachel Is Late”
“The One Where Rachel Has a Baby”
Index of Friends Season 9 Index of Friends Season 10
“The One Where No One Proposes”
“The One Where Emma Cries”
“The One with the Pediatrician”
“The One with the Sharks”
“The One with Phoebe’s Birthday Dinner”
“The One with the Male Nanny”
“The One with Ross’s Inappropriate Song”
“The One with Rachel’s Other Sister”
“The One with Rachel’s Phone Number”
“The One with Christmas in Tulsa”
“The One Where Rachel Goes Back to Work”
“The One with Phoebe’s Rats”
“The One Where Monica Sings”
“The One with the Blind Dates”
“The One with the Mugging”
“The One with the Boob Job”
“The One with the Memorial Service”
“The One with the Lottery”
“The One with Rachel’s Dream”
“The One with the Soap Opera Party”
“The One with the Fertility Test”
“The One with the Donor”
“The One in Barbados”
“The One After Joey and Rachel Kiss”
“The One Where Ross Is Fine”
“The One with Ross’s Tan”
“The One with the Cake”
“The One Where Rachel’s Sister Babysits”
“The One with Ross’s Grant”
“The One with the Home Study”
“The One with the Late Thanksgiving”
“The One with the Birth Mother”
“The One Where Chandler Gets Caught”
“The One Where the Stripper Cries”
“The One with Phoebe’s Wedding”
“The One Where Joey Speaks French”
“The One with Princess Consuela”
“The One Where Estelle Dies”
“The One with Rachel’s Going Away Party”
“The Last One”

Index of Friends Season 1 Movie Review Storyline:-

The primary season presents the six fundamental characters who live in New York City: Rachel Green, a server; professional gourmet specialist Monica Geller; her scientist sibling, Ross Geller; free-energetic masseuse Phoebe Buffay; battling entertainer Joey Tribbiani, and Ross’ school companion, Chandler Bing, whose exact occupation at an organization is obscure.

Rachel shows up at Focal Advantage, wearing her wedding dress, subsequent to leaving her life partner, Barry, an orthodontist, at the special stepped area. She moves into her secondary school companion Monica’s condo and finds a server line of work at Focal Advantage.

Ross, who really likes Rachel since secondary school, often endeavors to proclaim his affections for her. Notwithstanding, numerous impediments hold him up, including his uncertainties, Rachel dating an Italian neighbor named Paolo, and the way that he is anticipating an infant with his lesbian ex, Hymn, who brings forth Ben later in the season. Joey never has a consistent sweetheart and continually lays down with an assortment of ladies. Phoebe is somewhat peculiar and offbeat, generally because of her mom’s self-destruction when Phoebe was a kid and having lived in the city for a period.

Notwithstanding, the posse cherishes her in any case. Chandler says a final farewell to his better half, Janice (Maggie Wheeler), just to get himself reconnecting with her all through the arrangement. Close to the furthest limit of the period, while Ross is at a fossil science delve in China, Chandler coincidentally neglects that Ross loves Rachel, who at that point understands that she likewise focuses on him. The season closes with Rachel sitting tight at the air terminal for Ross, who is getting back from China.

Index of Friends Season 2 Movie Review Storyline:-

Rachel welcomes Ross at the air terminal just to find that he has gotten back with Julie (Lauren Tom), somebody he knew from graduate school. Rachel’s endeavors to disclose to Ross that she adores him at first mirror his bombed endeavors in the principal season.

After the parts ways with Julie for Rachel, contact between them creates when Rachel finds Ross’ rundown of the cons of dating her. They in the long run start a relationship after Rachel sees an old home video from her and Monica’s prom night and acknowledges Ross planned to sub for her prom date who almost stood her up.

Monica is elevated to head gourmet specialist at the Iridium café, at that point gets terminated for tolerating blessings from a provider, which is against organization’s strategy. Requiring cash, she is compelled to accept a humiliating position as a server at a 1950s-style burger joint. She likewise starts dating Richard Burke (Tom Selleck), and as of late separated from a family companion who is 21 years her senior.

They in the long run separate when Monica understands that Richard, as of now a dad, doesn’t need more kids. Joey is projected in an anecdotal variant of the drama, Days of Our Lives as neurosurgeon Dr. Drake Ramoray. He moves out of his and Chandler’s loft, compelling Chandler to get another flatmate, Eddie (Adam Goldberg). Notwithstanding, Eddie is irritating and fairly unhinged.

At the point when Joey claims in a drama magazine meet that he composes his very own considerable lot lines, offending the show’s essayist, his character is executed off. Not, at this point ready to bear the cost of his costly new condo, Joey moves back in with Chandler, showing Eddie out simultaneously. In the season finale, Chandler converses with a mysterious lady in an online visit room. At the point when they consent to meet face to face, the lady ends up being Janice.

Index of Friends Season 3 Movie Review Storyline:-

Season 3 takes on an essentially more serialized design. Chandler and Janice date for a few scenes until Joey finds Janice kissing her prospective ex. Not having any desire to demolish her family, Chandler urges Janice to return to her better half, at that point gets discouraged over the separation for a few scenes.

Rachel leaves her place of employment at Focal Advantage and starts working at Bloomingdale’s, an upscale retail chain. Ross before long gets envious of her partner Imprint. Ross is disappointed by Rachel’s long work hours. She is worn out on his consistent envy and weakness and chooses they need a relationship break. Ross, hurt and fairly alcoholic, promptly lays down with Chloe, “the hot young lady from the Xerox place,” making Rachel say a final farewell to him completely.

In spite of the fact that Phoebe at first accepts she has no family aside from her twin sister Ursula (Lisa Kudrow), she learns she has a stepbrother, Plain Jr. (Giovanni Ribisi), and finds her introduction to the world mother, Phoebe Abbott (Teri Garr) throughout the span of the period. Joey goes gaga for his acting accomplice Kate (Dina Meyer) however is desirous of her dating the overseer of their play.

They start a concise relationship that closes when she accepts an acting position in Los Angeles. Monica dates tycoon Pete Becker (Jon Favreau), in spite of her at first not being pulled in to him. In any case, she parts ways with Pete after he is genuinely harmed attempting to turn into A definitive Battling Champion and won’t stop.

Phoebe sets Ross up out on the town with her companion, Bonnie (Christine Taylor), impelling Rachel’s envy. She takes a stab at disrupting the relationship by constraining Bonnie to shave her head uncovered and in the end admits to Ross that she actually has affections for him. The season closes with Ross picking among Rachel and Bonnie.

Index of Friends Season 4 Movie Review Storyline:-

In the season 4 debut, after Ross says a final farewell to Bonnie, he and Rachel momentarily accommodate after Ross claims to peruse a long letter that Rachel composed for him. Notwithstanding, Ross keeps on demanding that the two were on a break when he laid down with Chloe, so they separate once more. Joey dates Kathy (Paget Brewster), a young lady that Chandler really likes.

Kathy and Chandler later kiss, which causes show among Chandler and Joey. Joey just pardons Chandler and permits him to date Kathy after Chandler spends Thanksgiving in a case as discipline. Chandler’s relationship with Kathy closes after he finds that she undermined him because of a contention.

Phoebe loses her employment as a masseuse subsequent to making out with one of her customers and she goes with Monica, who has become a food provider for enlist. They before long beginning a cooking business together yet Monica, after adversely evaluating a café, Allesandro’s, is offered the situation of head culinary expert.

In spite of at first being forced by the rage of her associates, Monica at last attests her predominance in the kitchen. Phoebe turns into a proxy mother for her sibling and his better half, Alice (Debra Jo Rupp). Monica and Rachel are compelled to switch lofts with Joey and Chandler subsequent to losing a wager during a test game however figure out how to switch back by paying off them with Knicks season tickets and a one-minute kiss (off-screen) between one another.

After her supervisor passes on, Rachel is downgraded to individual shopping and meets and later dates a client named Joshua (Tate Donovan). Ross starts dating an English lady named Emily (Helen Baxendale), and they rapidly get ready for marriage. Rachel battles to adapt and quickly proposes to Joshua that they wed, after which he dismisses her.

In the season finale, the gathering, aside from Phoebe and Rachel, travel to Ross and Emily’s wedding in London. Chandler and Monica rest together, and Rachel, understanding that she is as yet enamored with Ross, hurries to London to stop Ross and Emily’s wedding, yet alters her perspective when she sees them content. While saying his pledges, Ross says Rachel’s name at the special raised area, stunning his lady and the visitors.

Index of Friends Season 5 Movie Review Storyline:-

Ross and Emily wed, yet an irate and mortified Emily escapes the gathering. Rachel before long concedes her affection for Ross, however acknowledging how silly this is, encourages him to deal with his union with Emily. She builds up a smash on her neighbor Danny and they date momentarily until she understands that he is excessively close with his sister.

Monica and Chandler attempt to stay quiet about their new relationship from their friends. Phoebe brings forth trios in the show’s 100th scene. She brings forth a kid, Honest Jr. Jr., and two young ladies, Leslie and Chandler. Following quite a while of attempting to reach her, Emily consents to accommodate with Ross and move to New York on the off chance that he severs all correspondence with Rachel.

Ross concurs, yet later goes to a supper with every one of his friends, Rachel notwithstanding. Emily telephones Ross finds Rachel is there, acknowledges she doesn’t confide in him, and finishes their marriage. Ross takes out his indignation at work, bringing about him being inconclusively suspended from the gallery, and he moves in with Chandler and Joey until at last getting another loft across the road from them. Rachel finds another line of work at Ralph Lauren.

Phoebe starts a relationship with a cop, Gary (Michael Rapaport), in the wake of discovering his identification and utilizing it as her own. Monica and Chandler open up to the world about their relationship, to the astonishment and pleasure of their friends. They choose to get hitched out traveling to Las Vegas however change their arrangements in the wake of seeing Ross and Rachel shakily staggering out of the wedding sanctuary.

Index of Friends Season 6 Movie Review Storyline:-

In the season 6 debut, Ross and Rachel’s marriage ends up being an inebriated misstep that neither recollects until different friends notice it. Ross guarantees Rachel he will get them an invalidation, at that point subtly does nothing since he can’t confront having three bombed relationships. When Rachel finds they are as yet hitched, a dissolution is incomprehensible because of their set of experiences; they are compelled to get a separation.

Subsequent to overlooking the various signs that they ought to get hitched, Monica and Chandler choose to live respectively, compelling Rachel to move in with Phoebe. Joey gets another flat mate, Janine (Elle Macpherson). They create affections for one another and dated momentarily until Janine condemns Monica and Chandler, cutting off the association.

After Janine moves out, Joey battles with covering his tabs so he accepts a position at Focal Advantage. He before long grounds a part on a digital television arrangement called Macintosh and C.H.E.E.S.E., featuring close by a wrongdoing battling robot. Ross finds a showing line of work at New York College. He dates Elizabeth (Alexandra Holden), an understudy, regardless of it being against college strategy.

Elizabeth’s dad, Paul (Bruce Willis), dislikes Ross however succumbs to Rachel, and they begin dating. The two connections before long end: Elizabeth is excessively youthful for Ross, and recently held Paul opens up genuinely and is beyond what Rachel can deal with. Phoebe and Rachel’s loft bursts into flames, and Rachel moves in with Joey, while Phoebe stays with Chandler and Monica, however they later switch.

While at an exhibition hall that has a two-year sit tight for weddings, Monica puts her name on the booking list as a joke. At the point when Chandler captures the exhibition hall’s call about a retraction, he freezes; in any case, Chandler has been intending to propose while imagining he may never need to wed. While feasting at an extravagant eatery, Chandler’s arranged proposition is undercut by Monica’s ex Richard Burke, who startlingly appears.

Richard later reveals to Monica he needs to wed her and have youngsters. Monica gets agitated with Chandler, accepting his stratagem about not having any desire to wed. Chandler trusts Monica has left him until he gets back home to discover their condo finished with candles and her holding on to propose to him. At the point when she turns out to be too passionate to even think about continueing, Chandler proposes and she acknowledges.

Index of Friends Season 7 Movie Review Storyline:-

The seventh season principally follows Monica and Chandler as they plan their wedding in the midst of different issues. Joey’s TV arrangement, Macintosh and C.H.E.E.S.E is dropped, however he is offered his old part on Days of Our Lives; the show is retconned with the disclosure that Dr. Drake Ramoray has been in a four-year unconsciousness and is restored with a cerebrum relocate from another character.

Phoebe’s fixed condo currently has one enormous room rather than the first two, so Rachel forever remains at Joey’s. Rachel is advanced at Ralph Lauren and hastily recruits a youthful collaborator, Label Jones (Eddie Cahill), in light of his looks, ignoring a more qualified lady. Label finds her emotions about him at Thanksgiving supper, and they start dating, concealing it from associates. Notwithstanding, on her 30th birthday celebration, Rachel cuts off their association, acknowledging Tag is excessively youthful and juvenile, especially in the event that she means to follow her marriage plan.

Hours before Monica and Chandler’s wedding service, Chandler freezes and remains in isolation similarly as Phoebe and Rachel locate a positive pregnancy test in Monica and Chandler’s washroom. They expect Monica is pregnant. Ross and Phoebe discover Chandler and persuade him to return for the function, however he momentarily jolts again subsequent to catching Phoebe and Rachel examining the pregnancy test. He rapidly returns, grasping the possibility of parenthood. After the service, Monica denies she is pregnant; unbeknown to everybody, the positive pregnancy test is Rachel’s.

Index of Friends Season 8 Movie Review Storyline:-

Season 8 starts at Monica and Chandler’s wedding gathering. Phoebe and Monica find Rachel’s pregnancy and convince her to step through another examination to affirm it. Phoebe at first cases the test is negative, severely disillusioning Rachel, at that point uncovers it is good, saying Rachel currently knows how she truly feels about having an infant.

Ross is in the end uncovered to be the dad, and the season rotates around Rachel’s pregnancy. Rachel and Ross consent to be co-guardians without continuing their sentimental relationship; Ross starts dating Mona (Bonnie Somerville), who is Monica’s associate from Allesandro’s. Joey takes Rachel out to control her apprehensions about parenthood and acknowledges he has sentimental affections for her.

While smothering his sentiments, he urges Rachel to remain at Ross’ loft so he can be associated with the pregnancy. The course of action is a lot for Mona, and she parts ways with Ross. Joey informs Ross regarding his affections for Rachel. Ross at first is irate, at that point gives his approval. Joey reveals to Rachel that he adores her, yet she understands she doesn’t feel a similar way, and they remain friends.

At the point when Rachel starts giving birth, Ross’ mom gives him a family legacy ring and urges him to propose to Rachel. Ross falters and places the ring in his coat, which he later leaves in Rachel’s room. After Monica kids about having children, she and Chandler choose to have an infant, beginning while they are still at the medical clinic. After a delayed work, during which various other eager moms, including Janice, are taken to the conveyance room, Rachel brings forth infant Emma.

She is left disheartened and apprehensive after Janice later says that Ross may not generally be there for her and the infant. At the point when Joey solaces Rachel, the ring tumbles from Ross’ coat to the floor. Joey bows to get it, and Rachel, accepting he is proposing, rashly says yes. In the interim, Ross means to inquire as to whether she needs to continue their relationship.

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Index of Friends Season 9 Movie Review Storyline:-

Season nine starts with Ross and Rachel cohabitating with their little girl Emma, after Joey and Rachel clear up the proposition misconception. Monica and Chandler run into deterrents as they pursue an infant: Chandler unconsciously consents to a work move to Tulsa similarly as Monica is offered a head gourmet expert work at another eatery, Javu, bringing about Chandler driving to and fro.

Subsequent to being separated from Monica during Christmas, Chandler stops to seek after another vocation in publicizing, beginning as an unpaid assistant at an advertisement organization, and in the long run being employed as a lesser marketing specialist. At last, Monica and Chandler find they are genuinely incongruent to imagine and subsequent to thinking about different alternatives, choose to receive.

Phoebe starts dating Mike Hannigan (Paul Rudd) for a large portion of the period until Mike says that he never needs to wed again. Phoebe dates her ex from season 1, David (Hank Azaria) who anticipates proposing to her, yet Mike proposes first. Phoebe rejects the two proposition yet reunites with Mike, just requiring the consolation that they have a future together.

Rachel, accepting that her collaborator Gavin (Dermot Mulroney) is attempting to take her work while she is on maternity leave, re-visitations of Ralph Lauren early. She finds at her birthday celebration that Gavin has affections for her. They kiss yet don’t seek after a relationship because of her set of experiences with Ross. In the interim, Ross, having seen the kiss, fights back by dating different ladies. In the wake of understanding that her and Ross’ day to day environment is excessively odd, Rachel and Emma move in with Joey.

Rachel builds up a squash on him, possibly to be demoralized when he begins dating Charlie (Aisha Tyler), another fossil science professor to what ross’ identity is pulled in to. In the finale, the gathering goes to Barbados for Ross’ feature discourse at a meeting. Joey and Charlie separate after acknowledging they don’t share anything practically speaking.

Joey at that point finds out about Rachel’s affections for him yet says they can’t seek after this in light of Ross. Notwithstanding, after seeing Ross and Charlie kiss one another, he goes to Rachel’s lodging, and the finale closes with them kissing.

Index of Friends Season 10 Movie Review Storyline:-

The 10th season concludes a few long-running story lines. Joey and Rachel attempt to battle with Ross’ sentiments about their relationship, and after grievous endeavors to perfect, conclude it is best they remain friends. Charlie says a final farewell to Ross to reunite with her ex. Mid-season, Joey officiates Phoebe and Mike’s wedding outside the Focal Advantage coffee house after a blizzard incapacitates the city, forestalling them and visitors getting to the wedding setting.

Monica and Chandler are picked by a pregnant lady named Erica (Anna Faris) to embrace her child. Following this, Monica and Chandler plan to move to a house in suburbia to raise their family, disheartening everybody, especially Joey, who is adapting to all the adjustments in his day to day existence. In the arrangement finale, Erica brings forth congenial twins, a lot to Monica and Chandler’s shock.

Rachel is terminated from Ralph Lauren after her manager catches her meeting for a work at Gucci. She experiences her previous Bloomingdale colleague Imprint, who offers her a new position at Louis Vuitton in Paris. Ross, trusting Rachel needs to remain, takes a stab at paying off Mr. Zelner to rehire her until he understands Rachel needs to go to Paris. At the point when Rachel says a weepy individual farewell to everybody aside from Ross at her disappearing gathering, hurt and furious Ross stands up to Rachel, and they wind up resting together.

Rachel leaves, and Ross – acknowledging the amount he adores Rachel – pursues her to the air terminal. At the point when he contacts her, Rachel says she needs to go to Paris. Before the plane takes off, Rachel calls Ross’ home telephone and leaves a phone message, saying ‘sorry’ for the manner in which it finished. While talking, she understands that she adores him as well, and gets off the plane ultimately.

The arrangement closes with all the friends, in addition to Monica and Chandler’s new children, leaving the unfilled condo together for a last mug of coffee at Focal Advantage. The show closes first with a dose of everybody’s keys to Monica and Chandler’s loft left on the ledge, and afterward container to a fix of the condo’s purple entryway. 

Index of Friends Movie Review Star Casts

  • Jennifer Aniston: Rachel Green
  • Courteney Cox: Monica Geller
  • Lisa Kudrow: Phoebe Buffay
  • Matt LeBlanc: Joey Tribbiani
  • Matthew Perry: Chandler Bing
  • David Schwimmer: Dr. Ross Geller

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Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry, David Schwimmer.

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