Impact of Education in Life Quality

A proverb says that good education is key to living a successful life. In today’s run-of-the-mill life, even if the intellectual development of a person is done properly, he has to suffer a lot due to be lagging behind in knowledge. Education shapes the life of an individual in different ways. In today’s run-of-the-mill life, even if the intellectual development of a person is done properly, he has to suffer a lot due to be lagging behind in knowledge. Education enhances your social personality in such a way that you become a better understanding towards yourself and others and you become more conscious about your relationships.

Education creates a positive social identity in you and delivers positive results. It creates awareness in you towards your social life as well as towards your health, socioeconomic status, towards yours and others well being and makes u person respected everywhere. Many researchers conducted their research on this connection between education and quality of life and gave some astonishing results which were right in front of us but humans never noticed. A good level of education encourages your awareness towards enhancement of your economic condition, its positive impact boosts up your confidence level which strengthens the capacity of human beings to take chances and to face new opportunities for the betterment of life.

The level of education predicts the results of one’s efforts. A small kid will use a simple method to solve a math equation but an adult with a higher level of education can solve the equation in half of the time taken by a child, with some math tricks. Education enhances people’s capability to achieve which results in the enhancement of their productivity and creativity and a country with such people as citizens becomes a developed country from a developing country in no time. Education includes the gathering of knowledge by all the possible means and in all the possible fields. It helps a person to utilize his brain & heart at its best and to do the best. It was the result of a good education that the teachers who were dedicated to teaching were not limited to teaching only in the traditional way but they also learned how to teach online. And to learn how to teach online, they first educated themselves so that they could teach properly.

If we take an example of our country, then we find that the overall literacy rate of India is 74.04%. So, to make it 100%, the government of India took many good steps from rural to urban areas so that an overall reformation of the education system can be performed. Not only traditional teaching style is taken into reformation strategy but the online teaching India concept is also taken into consideration. Online teaching India concept is the fastest way to increase the literacy rate in India as today each and every small and big urban town or village has an internet connection. The government knows that good education will raise the capabilities of citizens to work hard to reform their lifestyle and make it better as much as they can and it will reform the condition of the country as well. 

Education matters a lot in today’s life which is full of competition. It is clear by all means that the higher education you have, the more different ways you will find success and comfort to yourself and to your family. A good level of education also brings recognition for which a person struggles his whole life. The impact of education can be understood in nuclear ways also, such as a well-educated chief of a family always thinks about all the possible and innovative ways to raise the style of his family. A well-educated woman who is also called the base of a family and who is around your kids, your next-generation most of the time apart from school teaches kids those manners and gives them that precious knowledge which shapes them into good people. It makes them realize that they have much more potential than they think and they can use it in many innovative works and as a result, we find some kids who are doing extraordinary things in their lives at a very small age.

Education makes you realize that in this very incarnation you can make yourself such an extraordinary personality which leads you to live a quality life other than a simple life and each and every moment of life will be an achievement.