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Charitraheen Full Movie Download

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Production Co:- Hoichoi

Release Date:- 29 September 2018 (India)

Rating:- 5.3/10

Total Seasions:- 2

Total Episodes:- 20

Language:- Hindi, Bengali

Genres:- Drama | Thriller

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“Charitraheen”this web series is based on the novel by Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay, with the twists and turns being much in concure with today’s world.

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Charitraheen Full Details

Charitraheen Storyline

Kiran is a beautiful woman, loyal to her husband Haran. But, what’s the dark secret annoy them? Kiran is unknowingly becoming the object of fantasy for men. Does she understand who is playing with her image and respect? While searching for Sabitri, a masseuse, Satish comes across Kiran and know her. But how does he know her?

Kiran is shocked to find out about her Facebook account and her affirm pictures. Kiran finds out Haran’s dark secret and decides to play the game he started. How will her punishment for his affect their marriage? Satish is voilent for love and affection. Will his search show him the true colors of some people in his life? The troubles and tension between Kiran and Haran increases.

The game of lust doesn’t seem to end for Kiran as she loses herself in a puzzle of deception. Kiran is trapped in a world of pain and darkness. Meanwhile, someone is forcing his way into her life. Kiran and Haran are finally taking a step towards intimacy. The true colors of all the people in the story get revealed. Will they finally get what they deserve? To Know more about the story download the Full web series of charitraheen now.

Charitraheen Episodes

Charitraheen Season 1Charitraheen Season 2
Episode 1:- Sei Sob Seyalera
Episode 2:- Perfume
Episode 3:- Facebook Friend
Episode 4:- Password
Episode 5:- Laj Nai Laj Nai
Episode 6:- Perfume 2
Episode 7:- Goodbye Shohor
Episode 8:- Pain is Immoral
Episode 9:- Noroker Khobor
Episode 10:- Noroker Khobor 2
Episode 11:- The Slut
Episode 1:- A Tale yet to tell
Episode 2:- A New Home
Episode 3:- Flesh and Blood
Episode 4:- The Mistake
Episode 5:- Miss You Too
Episode 6:- Flesh and Blood 2
Episode 7:- Maze of Love
Episode 8:- The Last Breath
Episode 9:- Epitaph

Charitraheen Star Casts


Gaurav Chatterjee:- Haran

Sourav Das:- Satish

Naina Ganguly:- Kiran

Sayani Ghosh:- Sabitri


Charitraheen Official Trailer

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Charitraheen IMDB User Reviews

  • monsurahmed-75789

Never seen a story like this before…very nice… charitrahin.

  • Ring_of_Sun9

Great and brave directing by Debaloy Bhattacharya , he blow full story , background music and song amazing mixture….. Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay written story update as recent timetime by Debaloy Bhattacharya . Those updating & others just amazing. Whole series just a masterpiece

Kiranmoyee life full of tragedy ,her life when she loved anybody thattime any incident took her lover far away from her for her wrong decision or misunderstanding. Atlast when she fall up full depration that time she left this world .

FAQs on Charitraheen Web Series Download or Watch Online

1. Where can I watch Charitraheen web series?

The availability of the Charitraheen web series is in MX Player and Hoichoi. One can easily watch it there for free. MX Player is a free option for those looking to stream it for free and for those having paid subscriptions of MX Player can enjoy all the best web series.

2. What cast and crew have worked in Charitraheen?

Gaurav Chatterjee, Sourav Das, Naina Ganguly.

3. Is it easy to download Charitraheen web series?

Yes, it’s easy to download the Charitraheen web series, one just needs to join our Telegram Channel (Bestmoviesin) provided in this article.

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In this post, you get Charitraheen full Web Series download in HD, we also provide a movie official trailer you can watch Here trailer also.
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