Biskoth Tamil Movie Download: Free Download Biskoth Movie

Biskoth Tamil Movie Download: Free Download Biskoth Movie

Biskoth Tamil Movie Download is a good choice if you like watching Parody movies. This Tamil movie was released on 14th november 2020 which is based on the movie bedtime stories. It has Sanrhanam na d Tara as the main star cast and is directed by R. Kannan. Below you will find all you should know before watching the movie. Now by not wasting anytime lets jump to see about the movie

Biskoth Tamil Movie Download

Here below I have mentioned the sites from where you can download the Biskoth movie full hd download

Biskoth Tamil Movie StoryLine

The movie is about Raja who is son of a biscuit maker. Raja’s father Dharmarajan has a dream to have a big brand business and wishes Raja to lead the company. Dharamrajan passes away and Narasimham his friend  takes over the business. Raja has to work in the same company to survive. He meets Janaki in a nursing home. She has a habit to telling stories.

Raja feels like what stories Janaki says is happening with him. Now what will be next. How the stories will effect his life and will he be able to fullfil his fathers dream. See the movie to know everything which is very interesting.

Biskoth Tamil Movie Cast 

Before you download the Biskoth Movie s the Main Cast, Director, and other details of the movie that are mentioned under.

Language: Tamil

Release Date: 14th Nov 2020

Length: 1 hours 46 minutes


  • Santhanam – Rajasimmha
  • Tara Alisha – Dr. Anitha
  • Swathi Muppala – Laya
  • Sowcar Janaki – Janaki Patti
  • Anandaraj – Narasimhan
  • Rajendran – Mottappa
  • Aadukalam Naren – Dharmarajan
  • Lollu Sabha Manohar – Manohar[4]
  • Bharath Reddy – Ganesh
  • Maha Gandhi – Rowdy

Music By: Radhan

Director: R. Kannan

Production By: R Kannan

Biskoth Tamil Movie Review

The Movie is very entertaining and has a different storyline. You will see Santhanam doing a wonderful job in the leading character and Sowcar Janki and Ananadaraj in supporting roles. The music is also very good and the cinematography work is also done very goos. The movie is good and worth watching.

Biskoth Tamil Movie Stream Sites

Biskoth Tamil Movie streaming sites are mentioned below

Biskoth Tamil Movie Trailer

Watch Trailer of Biskoth Movie Tamil



Above I have mentioned everything about the movie and all details are given. You can watch the trailer before watching the movie and also go through the storyline once. The movie is entertaining and worth watching once. You can easily watch the movie with the help of everything mentioned above about biskoth tamil movie download.

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